Currency Management and Cash Logistics

Secure cash handling and currency services for business.
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We supply, collect and transport currency and cash for many different industries and organisations, from small retailers to major banks.

Cash in transit services

We understand that the supply, collection and processing of cash and the transport of valuable goods requires personnel you can trust. Depending on your requirements, location and value of good being handled, we can provide:

  • Armoured transport
  • Discreet transport
  • Guarding services

Currency processing, settlement and reporting

We provide secure processing, reconciliation and settlement of currency for a range of customer needs, including:

  • Retail deposits
  • Commercial business deposits
  • Express deposits
  • Financial institution branch cash
  • ATM cassettes
  • Foreign currency

Full service security

We offer high-level protection, technology and personnel services for high-risk assets and sites. This includes:

  • Secure monitoring
  • Dispatch and response services
  • Multi-disciplined signalling technology
  • Real time remote CCTV video verification
  • GPS vehicle alarm and tracking

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